The Hard Goodbye

Life is all about the ups and the downs.  The good always outweighs the bad, joy wins over loss, but some days are just hard and sad.

My buddy MJ came to Five Acres in January of this year.  He was one tough cookie!  He had lived on the streets, had Feline Leukemia, and been hit by a car.  You might think he would be an angry cat, but you’d be wrong.  MJ had the biggest heart you can fit into a kitty body.  All he wanted was a lap to curl up in.

MJ lead a great life here at Five Acres, and when it was time to move on we could all tell.  The brave folks here knew it was time and made that oh so heart wrenching decision to let him go.

He got to eat his favorite food, and be with his favorite people, his friend, Pat, in particular.

God Speed little man!


Furrever homes for Furriends

A really big thing happened to two of my friends, they found forever homes with an amazing family!  My buddies Boots and Gracie went home together.  You just have to love a family that comes in and takes home one of us “special” kitties, but a family that takes two?  Wow.  Speechless.

Best of luck and purry wishes for Boots and Gracie.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes it’s true, against the Felv odds I’ve made it to the ripe age of 1!  I love being ONE.  I’m much wiser, and there is more of me to love – I’ve put on a few pounds.  I love being Plump!  I’m just excited about most things.

I have a favor to ask of you.  My friends are having a fund raiser, Trails for Tails; I’m helping to raise money for my special needs buddies.  We would love to have just $10 donated by 20 people.  That’s totally doable!  Go to crowdrise and search for Weasley’s Birthday Wish.

Thank you in advance for your continued support of special animals like me!

To Scratch or not to Scratch?

That is the question asked by the well known Shakespurr.  I say scratch away, but be selective!  Make those humans spend mucho mewla on a variety of scratchers, then choose the cheap cardboard kind and ignore all others!

We all know scratching is pawsome.  Declawing is a sin, nothing less than an amputation of our lovely toes.  If you have been declawed and find your feet are in pain, be sure your humane gets your doctor to check for bone regrowth under your skin – that is very painful.  10%of declawed kitties will have bone regrowth.  15% of declawed kitties will stop using the litterbox because it’s just too painful.  Let’s outlaw the declaw!  37 Countries have banned declawing so far!

Back to scratchers, and on that note don’t we all enjoy and deserve a back scratch?  YES!

I like the flat type of scratchers that I can lie on top of and smother when I’m done.

GQ Photoshoot

One more bucket list item to check off!  I really wanted my own photo shoot, just like my friends Brad Purr, George Crooney and Furrbio.  The camera loves me!

This first picture I’ve self titled “paw it forward”, the second one is “freakish alien cat head” (not my favorite photo), then there’s “dreamy eyes”, and the last picture is my best hypnotizing look.


I’m Puzzled

I’ve got a question for you, how do you get your food served?  I bet you get a bowl, or maybe a plate if you only have two legs.  I get a tiny little spaceship.  Foster Mom says it’s good for my brain, it’s called a food puzzle.  I am not all that thrilled; to get all of my food I have to touch it with my feet, do you know what I do with my feet?   Never you mind that I lick my feet, point is I have to work for my food.

Seriously though, there are many types of food puzzles out there.  If you have a cat that eats too quickly, this will slow him down, or a cat that gets bored, this will give her brain a challenge.  It is always good to have both physical and mental challenges in your day.

Stay tuned for my next bucket list item!